This year between the 1st and 16th of September, the City of Gloucester will be holding its annual festival of history and heritage. This historical extravaganza will include:

  • Gloucester Day Parades
  • City Voices
  • Heritage Open Days
  • Blackfriars Talks
  • Living History

The Blackfriars Talks include appearances from Michael Wood, Lucy Worsley, Janina Ramirez, Charles Spencer, Terry Waite, Kate Adie,  Harriet Harman and Jenni Murray amongst many others – including Monty!

Monty will be talking about the incredible escape routes out of Nazi-occupied Europe. From the Pyrenees to the Apennine Mountains, he tells the tale of the courageous Allied servicemen who used them and the exploits of the brave, daring men and women of the Resistance who risked their lives to create and run them. Using new research, interviews with survivors and walking the trails himself, he brings the Freedom Trails powerfully to life.


Thu 13th Sep | 19:00 – 20:00 | £8