Monty and Seadog Productions’ new series, WWII’S Great Escapes: The Freedom Trails, begins on Saturday the 16th of September, at 8pm on Channel 4.

Over four episodes, Monty retraces extraordinary journeys as he treks the Freedom Trails of WWII, discovering what it took to escape Nazi Europe and meeting the ordinary men and women who became heroes in the process.

Tens of thousands of men and women staked their lives following these little-known routes through unknown, enemy territory and out of Nazi occupied Europe. The Freedom Trails led to safety, but many were extremely perilous. To find and complete them required the help of the local resistance, who risked their own lives to save others.


All episodes will be available to watch on for a month following their initial broadcast. You can find out more about each episode on the WWII’s Great Escapes web page or watch the trailer here.