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Monty's Diving Mysteries

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Monty's Diving Mysteries

Monty Halls and the Kaiser’s Gold

Monty's new series will be shown on Channel 5, 9 pm on 25th November 2013

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In search of the real story behind one of the world’s greatest underwater mysteries, explorer and marine biologist Monty Halls takes a team of expert divers to Namibia in south west Africa to explore a deadly sinkhole lake in the desert. They are looking for a safe reputed to contain £60 million worth of gold, dumped by the retreating German army during World War I.

In 1915, rather than see their guns and heavy artillery fall into South African hands, the Germans threw them from the steep cliffs of Lake Otjikoto into the murky green waters below. Legend has it that they also threw in a safe containing six million gold marks, worth approximately £60 million today. Many divers have attempted to locate the safe but Otjikoto’s depth and darkness have confounded them all.

The mystery has enthralled treasure hunters for almost a century. “You don’t get too many chances in life to do something that is a genuine adventure, that has that whiff of the pioneering spirit about it,” says former Royal Marine Monty Halls as he makes his way through the desolate landscape from Windhoek, the Namibian capital, to Otjikoto.

Monty and his team are equipped with the latest equipment and technology to enable them to dive longer and deeper than anyone there in the past. Using sonar and computer mapping systems, they will also be able to create the first detailed 3D map of the lake bed.

Experienced expedition leader Monty expects that this adventure will push him to his limits. “The local tribes believe that anyone who swims in the lake will disappear forever, and there have been deaths here,” he explains, pointing to the memorial plaque of a victim of ‘The Horrifying’, the ancestral name for the lake.

Otjikoto’s tranquil surface waters are deceptive, as Monty and the team quickly find out. They are soon in pitch darkness, while the steep slopes lead the unwary down into a maze of tunnels and caves. Other hazards include the possibility of disturbing live anti-personnel shells. The knowledge that they are hundreds of miles from help if anything goes wrong is less than comforting.

Three more episodes will follow...

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